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From Battle to Beacon: Navigating Addiction with Guiding Road

Guiding Road offers a solution found through the combined expertise of those who understand addiction firsthand. Developed by addicts and medical professionals with lived experience, our program offers a unique perspective on the path to recovery. Trust in our team’s unwavering commitment to guide and support you, as we empower individuals with personalized treatment to break the cycle of addiction. Together, let us embark on the journey towards a healthier, happier life. Welcome to Guiding Road Recovery Center, your partner in overcoming addiction.


A Quick Look at Guiding Road

Our Mission

At Guiding Road Recovery Center, we believe in the transformative power of healing for addiction for individuals and their loved ones. Our holistic program combines science and spirituality to guide individuals towards recovery.

Our Vision

Guiding Road Recovery Center: A secure and nurturing environment for healing and long-term recovery from addiction. Our empathetic and compassionate approach, infused with passion, structure, and self-reflection, empowers individuals to embrace a healthier path and embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery.

Our Solution

At Guiding Road Recovery Center, we take a holistic approach to help individuals struggling with addiction and alcoholism. Our personalized care, empowering therapies, and comprehensive treatment aim to break the cycle of addiction and guide loved ones on a transformative journey towards a healthier life.

Mark North

Founder & CEO

Mark North, CEO and Managing Partner of Guiding Road, brings over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, where he honed his skills in serving and catering to individual needs. Having managed a sober living facility and worked closely with treatment centers, Mark’s active involvement in the recovery community inspired him and his wife Jennifer to found Guiding Road in 2023. Driven by the profound impact a dedicated and knowledgeable staff can have on early recovery, Mark is committed to providing every opportunity and tool for individuals to not only survive but thrive. At Guiding Road, he ensures a compassionate and supportive journey towards a brighter future for all.

Bobby Boykin, MS, LASAC, CRS

Executive Director

Bobby Boykin, MS, LASAC, CRS, is the Executive Director at Guiding Road, holding a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and a Master’s in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University. With over five years of industry experience and certifications as a Recovery Specialist. Bobby’s dedication stems from his personal recovery journey. At Guiding Road Recovery Center, he blends clinical expertise with business acumen to develop top-notch, regulatory-compliant programming. Bobby’s unique background and commitment to holistic, compassionate care ensure a trusted environment tailored to each client’s needs.

Jennifer North

Director of Administration

Jennifer North, co-founder and Director of Administration at Guiding Road, combines her deep personal commitment to recovery with extensive experience in behavioral health. With a background in managing teams and collaborating with community reintegration programs, she has a proven track record of supporting individuals in recovery. Passionate about transforming lives, Jennifer is dedicated to offering personalized support and guidance to those on their recovery journey, ensuring the highest standards of care and administration at Guiding Road.

Explore New Possibilities

Our caring team at Guiding Road Recovery Center is dedicated to helping individuals like you find a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life. With our experienced specialists by your side, you can trust that we will treat you with the utmost respect and compassion throughout your journey. When you reach out to us, we will ask thoughtful questions to better understand your needs and determine if our center is the right fit for you, and we'll get you started on your treatment as soon as possible. Whether it's for yourself or someone you care about, please don't hesitate to give us a call or fill out our admissions form today.

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